Professionally Executed Artificial Grass

We'd all love an immaculately manicured lawn. But unless you've got a full-time gardener, it's not going to happen. And if you have kids or pets, forget it. Fear not. With Namgrass your lawn's always perfect, no matter what the kids, pets or weather have been up to. Handy if you want to throw an impromptu garden party. 

Like Real Grass Only Better

  • Say “Goodbye” to tedious lawn maintenance and repair.
  • A perfect-looking lawn every day of the year.
  • Look and feels like real grass.
  • No more fussing, digging or mowing. 
  • Kids can play without creating a mud bath. 
  • Made for pets and easy to clean. 
  • Great if you're allergic to grass pollen. 
  • Garden is always perfect for entertaining or relaxing.  

Before & After

Before Image 1 Before
After Image 1 After
Before Image 2 Before
After Image 2 After
Before Image 3 Before
After Image 3 After


At Infinity Garden Solutions we are extremely proud to be a partner of Namgrass who have established themselves to be one of, if not ‘the’ market leader when it comes to artificial grass. With over 30 years in ongoing research and manufacturing and with their 10-12 year warranties, you can be confident and trust in the quality of our artificial grass.

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